Jerry Rawlings is the new AU Special Envoy to Somalia

Jerry Rawlings - AU Special Envoy to Somalia

Former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, who was recently appointed AU special envoy to Somalia, will be wanting to take tangible steps in his new role as he is expected to mobilize support from the international community for Somalia, where AU forces are fighting with Islamists militiamen bent on collapsing the government there. African political analysts do believe that Mr Rawlings’ new nomination can restore some stability to the war-torn country if he gets support from the international community and the political actors in Somalia. Mr Jerry Rawlings also hopes to assist in finding a political solution to that country’s instability. “I will try to bring the warring factions together in Somalia as to end the long- estrangement in the country, I will begin reconciliation process, because the people need urgent peace and stability, .” said the AU special envoy to Somalia.

The new AU special envoy to Somalia has urged Somalia warring parties to resolve all disputed issues on the  negotiating table. This assignment coincided with a message to the second Afro-Arab summit that brought together members of the League of Arab States and the African Union in the Libyan city of Sirta. The efforts made by African and Arab countries to promote peace and development in countries emerging from conflict in Africa and opportunities to explore ways to strengthen ties with each other are all in support of United Nations goals for peace and stability. During the meeting in Sirta, the delegation suggested that the supports from the Arab League and the AU to the people of Somalia should be increased

The last four years has seen the situation in Somalia deteriorating and causalities on innocent civilians are uncountable. The appointment of Rawlings will hopefully ignite a fresh impetus from the international community to eplore ways and means to help bring peace to the country and the entire region. Rawlings is known to be a hard negotiator and will bring to his new role a determined effort to resolve the outstanding issues that has left that country to the brink of civil war and catastrophe.  Jerry Rawlings is widely respected across Africa and the world as he is credited for Ghana’s transformation as an economic powerhouse in the West African region.

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