Henry Okah charged in connection with bombings in Nigeria

Militant - Henry Okah

One of Nigeria’s oil militants, Henry Okah, has been charged in connection with the bomb attacks that took place in Abuja, the capital of the West African state of Nigeria.  Okah, was arrested in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday. But he has since denied any links to the bomb attacks. More than 12 people were killed in the car bombings which coincided with the country’s  50th independence anniversary celebrations. Police in Nigeria have named two people:  Chima Orlu and Ben Jessy, as suspects in the case but have not given any more details about the men. Okah is the leader of a militant faction opposed to a government amnesty for the oil-producing Niger Delta.

Immediately after his arrest, Okah was charged with engaging in terrorist activity and delivering or detonating explosives. He has been described by prosecutors as the mastermind of the Abuja bombings. In court, he was not asked to plead and said nothing except to greet his attorneys. His lawyers are saying he is innocent and that they will file an urgent appeal for him to be released on grounds of unlawful arrest. But he has been remanded in custody until his next appearance which has been set for October 14.

Discussions are on-going between the prosecution and defence as to whether Okah should be held at a more secure prison while he awaits his next appearance.  Okah who has lived South Africa since 2003, returned there last year when he was released from almost two years in detention. He was arrested on gun-running charges in Angola in 2007 and then transferred to Nigeria but was  never convicted.

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    October 11, 2010

    Government of Nigeria, oil/gas companies, politicians and their allies bombed Abuja, Nigeria on October 1, 2010 to find lead to arrest, detain, poison, kill and ex-communicate several stake holders of MEND and several others inside and outside the struggle/fight for autonomy, justice, right and freedom of the people of THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF THE NIGER DELTA.

    If proper procedure is followed with experienced/good attorney/lawyer, notwithstanding interstate common interest agreement, first Motion would be move to dismiss the charges for want of JURISDICTION because of scene of purported crime and other trial evidence.

    Government of Nigeria, oil/gas companies, politicians and their allies lack smart brain to do otherwise such as acting in good faith.

    hey bomb, bring down aircraft and cause mass murder because of one person in the aircraft, divide/rule to brew conflict/war, do multiple setups to implicate innocent people, etc.

    Same plan is in place in the sides of Israel and Palestine to start conflict/war in order by going to Palestine to shoot rocket into Israel to arrest/detain, expand occupation and prevent realization of the autonomous state of Palestine and/or to misinform the world that Jewish and Arabs or Muslims peoples are bad peoples.

    These criminals knew about the Niger Delta region’s plan to secede on July 1, 2010 since over two years ago.

    This reason why they decided to choose amnesty as secret method to divide/rule few local civil liberties or freedom fighters but the whole plan failed because of greed such as failure to take along major local and international fighters and campaigners. Amnesty is not for peace but tactical plot to cleanse freedom fighters and other campaigners.

    Presidents of Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, etc and their governments and allies are weak people and system. They believe that in-office salaries are not sufficient to keepup with their mad ostentatious highlife which has put several of them into prison and national economic recession and depression.

    Reason of this greed, under concert they agreed to use international secret services to forge dna, corrupt cyber and physical human systems, to fix a type of link/conspiracy and turn in Okah with direct and indirect connections usually without knowledge of victims.

    Intending defence Attorney/lawyer must be expert in these legal detours with acores of specialist/specialized terrains to defend Okah to avoid another forced plea bargain for further dangerous amnesty conditions which will put Okah in perpetual confinement which comes with life threatening correctional institution foreign designed medical and non-medical treatments.

    These treatments may lead to post treatment stroke and other deadly illnesses. Watch!!!

    Criminals, oil/gas companies in Nigeria and grantors/allies are filled with fear of losing stake in Nigeria.

    More fear had arisen out following the secession of the Niger Delta Region from the nation of Nigeria on July 1, 2010 because Henry Okah must return and join his new homeland, THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF THE NIGER DELTA.

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