Elections in Guinea are now set for October 10

Cellou Diallo and Alpha Conde - Rivals

October the 10th  has been proposed as the revised date for the presidential election run-off by the election commission in the West African State of Guinea The elections which was due last Sunday was postponed following violent clashes between rival supporters. Guinea’s interim leader, Gen Sekouba Konate, must approve the date before it becomes official.  He has said that he does not want any further delays. Konate said his country was in danger, and was moving away from its road map. He said on Tuesday that he would not accept any further delays, and his approval is expected to be a formality.

This elections will be Guinea’s first democratic vote since independence in 1958 and is intended to end a political crisis which began with the military seizing power in December 2008 after former President Lansana Conte died. But the interim government postponed the run-off election after fighting in the capital Conakry earlier this month, between supporters of the two candidates left one person dead and dozens wounded.

Cellou Dalein Diallo, a former prime minister,  is seen as the favourite in the run-off after gaining 44% of the vote in the first round. His rival, veteran opposition leader Alpha Conde, won 18%, but says he was defrauded of some 600,000 votes. The electoral commission had said it needed more time to prepare. It was plunged into chaos earlier this month when its president, Ben Sekou Sylla, was convicted of fraud. He later died after a long illness. Conde’s  protest led to the conviction of Mr Sylla and another official. Sierra Leone’s president Ernest Bai Koroma was recently in Guinea urging all party’s to respect the outcome of the vote.

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    I am an african,Sierra leonean leaving in Australia.i am a graduate in victoria university.The african community leadership development progeam,in my studies as a leader my best subject was Managing conflict Productively and Engaging in crucial time and also Sustainability.My massage to my Guinean brother think over this two topic and impliment it and save the people of Guinea.

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