Somali Prime Minister resigns over inability to work with the country’s president

Sharmarke - Resignation

The Somalia prime minister, Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, has resigned due to a prolonged dispute with the country’s president, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed. In a statement on Tuesday, Sharmarke said ” I resigned as the prime minister of the transitional federal government of Somalia after being unable to work with the president. After considering the political crisis in the government and increasing insecurity in Somalia, I have decided to resign from my post as prime minister.” The president said he welcomed Sharmarke’s decision to quit and said he would nominate a new prime minister as soon as possible.

Apparently, according to reports, it seems the resignation followed pressure that had been building up on the prime minister for the past few months. Most Somali’s  will not be surprised at the resignation as many had little hope in Sharmarke as head of government to restore peace and security. Sharmarke is the third prime minister to leave office since the transitional federal government was created in 2004.

The somali government has failed to end the three-year insurgency being prosecuted by Islamist rebels, of which at the heart is the ruthless Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab. But it seems as the president attempts to reassert his authority over a worn down administration and an apparently disillusioned nation, he has been looking for a scapegoat. The resignation of the prime minister came as Parliament had been due to hold a vote of confidence on his leadership.

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