An example of change – Sierra Leone’s president Koroma prepares to celebrate three years of successful leadership

When you are called upon to serve your people and mandated to lead them out of extreme poverty caused by irresponsible politicians with greed and theft at the heart of their political agenda, your response to the anguish and pain they have endured will ultimately be the defining factor that will bring back hope to their discouraged circumstances.  Your political makeup and upbringing combined with your inner self-beliefs and faith, will be vital determinants in guiding you through the delicate path of restoring your country’s injured capabilities and infrastructures.

Ernest Bai Koroma is not your typical African leader. He speaks little and carries his personality with dignity only reminiscent of a fine statesman. For a man who does not waste his words, his towering presence can sometimes define the reaction of his counterparts in regional meetings. A good negotiator who ensures his country’s interest are well catered for as he makes his case to world leaders in an attempt to  rescue his nation from abysmal economic bondage. The pleasant disposition of this African success story can be infectious as you meet him for the first time. It is difficult to ignore his amazing demeanour as he greets you with the charm and respect that defines true Sierra Leonean hospitality.

President Koroma has brought into his office a propensity to deliver on his campaign promises to manage the state of affairs in his country with the seriousness it demands. He has not only challenged the previous establishment of corruption at the very heart of administrative failures in the country’s civil service, he is implementing an agenda for change within which the greatest stakeholder is transparency itself. The courage of this gentle giant must be admired to take on a system that has been brought to its knees by an SLPP administration that was only keen on improving their bank balances. The opposition SLPP party seems to have an insatiable appetite to wreck our way of life. As if the untold misery they heaped on the Sierra Leone people was not enough, they have now embarked on a dirty political campaign to destabilise the economic and social revolution taking place as a result of the Koroma leadership.  What a way to atone for the exploitation of the country’s wealth! It is only a desperate attempt to camouflage the reckless way they administered governance to a people who could only sit back and witness the rape of what truly belongs to them.

The determination of President Koroma to empower his people with the tools to break the poverty cycle, can only be matched by his ambition to deliver vital and crucial public services like free healthcare and free education for all. His call for attitudinal change is a pre-requisite for us all to overcome our country’s difficulties. It is indeed painful for anyone to see this resolve in a man to bring about the biggest change ever experienced by his people, being sabotaged by a loose arrangement of corrupt SLPP politicians and journalists who crave more for our country’s destruction than its development. Satan is indeed making an attempt to preside over our country’s future. He is using the likes of Blyden & Co to cause havoc and chaos to derail the progress being made by the dynamic leadership of President Koroma. But those at the forefront of destabilising our ideals as a nation must have failed to realize the true resilience of us as a people. A people that have overcome tyranny unseen in the history of mankind. It is only a matter of time for the world to witness the dismantling of this corrupt political machinery as implementing change to bring about the transformation of our country’s fortune is inevitable under the leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma.

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