Peace beckons in Somalia

Somalia Transition Federal Government has been urged to develop a road map for allocating funds through the Somali National budget, for the payment of salaries to the Somali Security forces. This comes as the TFG government plans to have 10,000 police officer and a fully furnished military headquarters in place by 2011.  This was disclosed over the weekend, Following a Joint Security Committee (JSC) meeting held at the UN complex in Nairobi to oversee the installation of a National Security in Somalia

The Committee meeting which  was jointly chaired by the Somali Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke and the UN Special Representative for Somalia, Augustine P. Mahiga agreed on the need for the TFG to move quickly to update and adopt the National Security and Stabilization Plan, which will see the revised target of Somalia Police force (SPF)  of 7,000 civilian police officers trained under the international community umbrella and integrated into the stipends payroll list by the end of 2010.

JSC plans to revert the situation by Inclusion in the stipends payroll list of all trained police officer as away of boosting their moral , for the period June-December 2010, USD 5.4 million would be necessary and the international community has been urged to provide additional funding to sustain the process. The target for 2011 will be 10,000 civilian police and UNPOS will start training 500 SPF in Djibouti as a matter of urgency. In a Joint communiqué released after the meeting the Proposed date to starting training the police officers will be 23 August 2010 at Lafoole and Labantin  which will be conducted by UNDP and AMISOM.

Acknowledges the TFG policy not to recruit or use child soldiers, the joint security committee plans to work with the international community to establish processes to prevent the recruitment of children (under the age of 18) by all groups; by setting up a task force to ensure the timely implementation of the recommendations of the Security Council Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict. However, TFG government has been challenged to ensure it provide alternative livelihoods and education for Somalia youths so that they can not be lured into joining the Al-shabaab militia. With the plans to bring sanity in Somalia  under way  the problem seem far from over since the 925 SPF trained with German funding in Ethiopia some absconded duties and joint the militia groups since they were not paid by the TFG.

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