Jacob Zuma’s Wife is Pregnant – But it Seems the President is Not the Father – The Bodyguard May Have Gone Too Far!

Jacob Zuma - An embarrassment to the state

The South African people have been made to endure a national embarrassment once more as a result of the presidency of Jacob Zuma.  President Jacob Zuma, the polygamous leader of South Africa is battling another scandal concerning his private life, this time involving a local newspaper report that his second wife is pregnant after an affair with her bodyguard. On Saturday, the Star newspaper said the National Intelligence Agency had been called in to investigate the reports, which surfaced this week alleging Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma slept with Phinda Thomo, a member of her security detail. Thomo killed himself when the pregnancy became obvious, local media said.

The president’s office broke its silence on Friday, saying the reports violated his privacy and were part of a coordinated smear campaign. The reports, which started mid-week in the Zulu-language Ilanga newspaper, are based on an anonymous letter written by “concerned family members” and leaked to several South African media outlets. “The reports appear to be part of an ongoing and malicious campaign to undermine the right of the President and his family to privacy and dignity,” the Presidency said in a terse statement. “President Zuma continues to be seized with matters of State and will not be diverted from his duties,” it added. “He will not dignify such gossip with a response.”

Jacob Zuma, whose colourful private life has often overshadowed his status as the leader of Africa’s largest economy, is due to return on Saturday from a state visit to India, where he was accompanied by Ntuli Zuma. Whatever the truth, the latest scandal to emanate from the 68-year-old’s complex marital situation is likely to cause embarrassment in South Africa as it prepares to host the soccer World Cup, which kicks off in Johannesburg on June 11.

The statement from the Presidency failed to stop papers such as the Star, which said it had a copy of the letter, publishing lurid details. Separately, the Mail and Guardian newspaper said Natuli Zuma went berserk when she learnt Zuma was taking a third wife in January. The Star said Zuma was incensed by the revelations, and had ordered a family summit at his home in KwaZulu-Natal province. In February, Zuma confirmed he had fathered an illegitimate child with the daughter of Irvin Khoza, a close friend and head of the World Cup local organising committee.

Jacob Zuma brings to his office a propensity of reckless behaviour that can only be matched by his ruthless disregard for safe sex and cultural decency.  Jacob Zuma has let his people down. He has no respect for the Presidency. He is not qualified to be a role model for the up and coming generation of South Africans who are desperately seeking assurances that their country is not destined for social disintegration.

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  1. jim

    Zuma has become a joke. He has to seriously consider resigning for the sake of the decent people.
    Bring the majestic Mbeki back for another term.

  2. thabelo

    Guy lets have some rfespect, JZ is pres so we should try by all means his personal life a secrect. am so disappointed by Zumas Wife, how could she do such to our honerable Zuma?

  3. Fred Mwashi

    This is so shameful, not in 2010 no! ………Zuma should have dignity and respect for women…………….women in SA should also respect themselves and avoid thgis serial impregnantor …….Fred Mwashi from nairobi

    • guys lets not blame this woman for cheating on j zee s account who else wouldnt cheat on him dont you think that wyf waz starving @ least it would have been the gardener or the postmen otherwise we must understand that it must be one man one wife not 1 to 5

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