Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma Commended for Timely Completion of EU Funded Projects

Dr Ernest Koroma - Singled-out by the EU for Outstanding Leadership

The European Union has expressed satisfaction in the implementation of its funded projects in Sierra Leone by offering more direct financial support to the country. The commitment of the President of this small West African country to see through internationally funded assistance programs has been remarkable. Not only has the international stakeholders been impressed with the dynamism of the country’s leadership, they have also shown recognition of the timely completion and efficient management of funds allocated for specific projects in the country.

The EU representative in the country, in a statement at the launch of the recently completed EU-funded Masiaka/Bo Road, said it was as a result of the trust and confidence they have on the leadership of President Koroma and his government that has made the EU decide to give more financial support to Sierra Leone’s post-war development. He went further to assure President Koroma that they will continue to extend assistance to the country especially in the construction and rehabilitation of roads within the country.

In his keynote speech at the launching ceremony, the country’s Head of State, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, expressed his country’s deep gratitude to the EU for the continued financial assistance provided to his government. The president reminded his audience that on assuming office, he inherited a terrible governance structure that had at its heart, poor awarding of contracts, lawlessness, unaccountability and systemic corruption. The Head of State then went on to say that after consulting with development partners throughout the world, he established an Agenda for Change that has made a significant impact on how the country is governed.

The government’s Agenda for Change has been introduced to employ a comprehensive structural change in the implementation of government policy with greater emphasis on accountability and good governance. It has seen an overhaul of the country’s Anti-Corruption commission which has been given a more wider scope and mandate to address the issue of graft that had threatened the economic fabric of the nation. Cabinet ministers are also expected to deliver annual reports of targets set out by the presidency. There is now proper regulation and administration of a more effective revenue collection system with the establishment of a National Revenue Authority that has seen a dramatic increase in the country’s revenue collection potential.

The government has set itself economic growth targets which it is slowly implementing amidst the challenges it faces. A new tax system that consolidates existing taxes has taken off with little or no glitch. The General Services Tax (GST) has enabled a more efficient and fairer tax system that will enhance the easy administration of business accounts across the commercial industry in the country.

It is not surprising that the European Union should express outright satisfaction in the country’s leadership. At the helm of government is a determined public servant whose quest to bring change to his country has re-kindled a new spirit of national awareness and expectation. The rest of the international financial community should offer their continued support and assistance to a government that has shown its resolve in the transparent administration of its country’s finances. One couldn’t ask for more from a leader who has invited stakeholders to have a hands-on in how the country’s economy is managed! Ernest Bai Koroma has indeed set a precedence that can only be the benchmark that will ultimately define how good governance is assessed throughout the African region.

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  1. Diam

    EU,UK,UN,USA,AU,China are all full of praises for His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, and I wonder why are detractors like Phillip Neville and David Tam Baryoh writting against him and his governance.

  2. Mr. President our H.E. Ernest B. Koroma we’re proud of you, and I am always praying for you to conquered your second term in 2012. As I said it before that, you are a fine man, and don’t let the enemies ruin you gov’t at all!. Mind you the civil
    war just over, do not listen to the noise causers do your job. You have to remember
    that, Dauda Kamara, your interior minister is a bad guy, don’t trust him at all, I am an out spoken person, fear nobody…
    Invite the whole world to come to invest in our country Sierra Leone. Our expectations and dreams coming true, do they think that the Europeans are doom?
    heck no!! if your gov’t is not on the right track, you will receive no support from them.
    You have set enough example, for the next leaders in the future, may God continues to bless you, and bless Sierra Leone. Long live E.B. Koroma.



    Jesus Christ has come too soon in Sierra Leone. The emerging of Dr. E. Koroma is a tangible evidence which has justified that, not all is rotten or broken in Sierra Leone.The previous vicious and awful war images that were broadcast via CNN,Channel 4 in UK and the BBC in 2000 did not reflex the true image of our ethos as Sierra Leoneans.
    President Koroma is determined to change Sierra leone for the better and we urged him to challenge any culprit(s) who dare to seek to shrink the desire to develop the country as enemy of the state.
    Recent developments has spew hope in the vicinity home and abroad that, the country is on the verge to recover from the immense damage she sustained from the hands of greedy individuals.
    The President stance or position among its predecessor is distinctive. He is a remarkable and courageous leader. Please,Mr. President we urge you to be more than resilient, firm in your thirst to impose decipline and the rule of law in Sierra Leone.
    There is no doubt that,there is an Army of corrupt elements determine to reverse your desire of changing Sierra Leone,they will flutter and fail in their thirst to destroy our country.
    President Koroma is our own Jesus Christ in the 21st century.

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