The Sierra Leone Daily Mail has been revived

Sierra Leone Daily Mail

Serra Leone as a country is moving from decades of political and economic demise to a country full of hope, potential and opportunity. There is an increasing need for its potential to be showcased and presented to educate the outside world of just how much this paradise nation has to offer. There is a new kind of dynamism being experienced by the people of this small West African country. Not too long ago the people had nothing to look forward to – now all that has changed because every single day the horizon is beamed with the energy of its new leader, President Ernest Bai Koroma, determined to transform his country into a new nation poised to shed its volatile past and ready to embrace its bright future.

Because of the dawn of this new era, it has become imperative to rekindle the spirit of the past and resuscitate the institutions that played a significant part in archiving the country’s history. The Sierra Leone Daily Mail is one such institution and was an important source of information for all Sierra Leoneans. The Daily Mail became the symbol of our unity, freedom and justice, and those who helped shape its role in our society are still remembered as the best literary experts our country has ever produced.The Daily Mail itself was a national institution and Sierra Leoneans around the world were blessed with the fine and professional  journalism of the likes of Arika Awuta-Coker, Samba Kamara, Sam Short, Sam Metzger, Sam Hollist and so many of Sierra Leone’s wonderful experts on the pen.

The idea to reinvent the Daily Mail was borne out of the spitit of true patriotism by some of the country’s finest News Media Editors who have placed the love for country above everything else in the selfless amazing work they are doing to help promote their country’s image around the world. Wilfred Kabs-Kanu the Publisher of Cocorioko Newspapers who is also an outstanding diplomat representing his country as Minister Plenipotentiary in our country’s mission at the UN, along with Ahmed M Kamara who is the Publisher of Newstime Africa Magazine based in London together with David Tam-Baryoh the Director of Citizen Radio and Publisher of the Punch Newspaper in Freetown, saw the need as a team of professionals to once more relight the fire of true and effective journalism that will lay the foundation for another press and media era in our beloved country. This is purely a voluntary effort and we hope other Media Editors and Journalists will join them and contribute in their own little way to bring the Daily Mail back to life.

You can visit the website of the Sierra Leone Daily Mail here :    Sierra Leone Daily Mail

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  1. yankay seisay

    Congratulation to you all , keep the good work . I hope more of your kind will start asking themselves now , that apart of theatrical speeches ”what have i done for my country practical . May God bless you all. please do not worry about the Satanic bunch who are bent in bringing the image of the country down. Believe it or not there are good Sierra Leone people out there who will follow your foot steps sooner or later God willing . The sad thing is this satanic bunch who are trying to demonised this country want to rule it ,forgetting that there work will surely hunt them and the populace in general will never forgive them .

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