As Sierra Leone Prepares to Celebrate its 49th Independence Anniversary – There is Finally Light at the End of the Tunnel

President Ernest Koroma - Making His Country's Case At The UN

49 years ago, the founding fathers of our nation started the fight to secure our freedom and protect our way of life. The sacrifices made then have helped define our country’s resilience even in the most turbulent of its years. As we shred our troubled past and embrace our hopes for the future, there is enough reason to celebrate our present as those in control of the mantle of state express their determination to set us on a path of recovery with a commitment to ensuring the mistakes of the past are never repeated again.

It takes strong leadership to implement the changes we need as a nation. It takes borne compassion to translate incentive into action. It takes boldness and statesmanship to take on corruption that has plagued our country for so long. It takes wisdom to design the framework that will implement the dramatic change necessary to turn a battered economic and political state to a productive and  prosperous nation.

As a mother, you give birth to a child and make all the sacrifices necessary to ensure they grow up to be decent and uphold the ideals you have taken years to impart in them. You can only be proud to witness how your child translates the wonderful contribution you have made in their life by providing timely leadership that your country has yearned for in decades. Madam Alice Koroma must be very proud for what her son has achieved in a short period of time as Head of State.  And it is only appropriate that we pay tribute to this woman of honour as we celebrate our independence. She reflects everything that our celebration holds. She has given birth to a new dawn. Because of her, we as a nation are now blessed with the honour and privilege to have as our leader, Ernest Bai Koroma, a man whose vision has put us on a path to a new beginning.

On the assumption of office, a lot of people had mixed-reaction as to what was expected of this vibrant leader. But he wasted no time in asserting his authority and show why he would not betray the confidence of all those who made history by voting him into power against all odds. Ernest Koroma won the elections against a backdrop of not only being the outside contender, but taking on a political system that was long overdue for change, and a party that was bent on clinging to power even though they presided over the worst economic period our country had to endure in decades. But when you have your mothers blessings guiding your daily life, success is all you can expect.

Sierra Leone has now become the beacon of hope for many. From rejection to acceptance the country has seen its role in the international community re-defined. The country now has a voice: a voice it can use to make its case as it engages the rest of the world in partnership that will make its voice heard and its presence felt. Sierra Leone has regained its lost glory and we all as a nation can only be confident that the man at the helm is prepared to take us from a country dependent on aid to one that can serve its people efficiently with its own abundance of natural resources.

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