Tony Blair is a True Friend of Sierra Leone

Tony Blair - A True Friend of Sierra Leone

It has come to the knowledge of this press that a certain unscrupulous Media Editor has started a smear campaign to tarnish the good reputation of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair by fabricating stories about private funding of the African Governance Initiative that the former Prime Minister setup to help introduce good governance in Sierra Leone and other African countries. It is not only appalling and shameful that a citizen of our country that has become a beneficiary of the goodwill and generosity of this distinguished former British Leader, would embarrass herself in such a shameful manner.

I want to apologise wholeheartedly to Mr. Blair’s office on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone, for having to endure such libellous allegations from such a rag-tag media element in our Country. I spoke to the AFP News Agency representative in France today and admonished them with the facts and urge them not to associate themselves in the future with such erroneous reports. The Awareness Times Newspaper has no relevance in the media politics of Sierra Leone. It has become a store-house of innuendos and gossips. A garbage-production machine with a deprived mind at the helm.

At a time when Sierra Leone needs all the help it can garner, irresponsible media Editors, who do not have the interest of the country at heart are sabotaging the good work the President, Ernest Bai Koroma and his team are doing to help salvage what is left of our battered economy. I urge all Sierra Leoneans around the world to condemn this woeful act of destroying our country’s good name. The Awareness Times Editor has no place in our country’s media. She has become an embarrassment to the state. But again what does one expect when a failed medical student attempts to try her hand in journalism?

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  1. yankay seisay

    She part of the SATANIC BUNCH in our country . Who are going with the motion that if it is not them no one should . God willing this president will surely set the pace in our country .

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  3. Sahr Kemokai

    Please advice her to improve her written skills and stopped replicating ”in Sierra Leone” on almost all of her article headings. I’m quite allergic to this phase now. This good-for-nothing pro continues to cause chaos in the country and seems successful in inflicting her myopic doctrines to the feeble-minded readers. Wade up lady-SLPP aren’t coming back in the next decades.

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