General Motors East Africa Launches New Bus In Kenyan Market

GMEA Managing Director William Lay

GENERAL Motors East Africa (GMEA) has unveiled a 37-seater Isuzu NQR Max bus targeting the public transport sector in Kenya which the company management says will help decongest the Nairobi city centre. GMEA Managing Director William Lay said the high capacity bus will complement ongoing government efforts to streamline the public transport system in the country’s main urban centres starting with Nairobi. Under the vision 2030 economic blue print, the government hopes to reform the public transport sector by introducing a system whereby passengers will alight at designated termini outside the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). The passengers will then be transported into the CBD using a few licensed buses.

Lay said GMEA hopes to benefit from this project by supplying the new high capacity Isuzu buses which with time are expected to replace the current 14-seater matatus which are a major contributor of traffic jams within the CBD. Lay who spoke during the launch of the new 37-seater Isuzu NQR Max in Nairobi, also attended by Cooperatives Minister Joe Nyagah said the bus has been assembled with particular emphasis on passenger comfort, safety and affordability. Its key attributes that the manufacturers hope will attract schools and PSV investors include anti-roll bars to improve roll over safety to passengers, more space, hence more passenger capacity, proofing of steel structure to improve life of the body and better painting and grab handles on seats to improve passenger mobility inside the bus.

Thursday night’s launch of the new bus also signifies the start of a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) between the government and the cooperative movement under the Bus Vision 2030 project. Spearheaded by the Cooperatives Ministry, the PPP is a vehicle through which the government is seeking to attract more Kenyans to join the Sacco movement and invest in high capacity public transport vehicles. “If well regulated, the public transport sector remains one of the most lucrative business opportunities the cooperative movement can venture into,” said Nyagah.

Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai who was also present at the launch urged the country’s public transport sector to change to the high capacity buses saying it guarantees them a quicker return on their investment. He also encouraged PSV owners to consider group ownership, which would ensure proper fleet management enabling easier regulation and less competition within the sector.

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Patrick says:

Am much interested in the 37-seater Isuzu NQR Max. Kindly advice me on your current prices of complete passenger buses for:
37-seater Isuzu NQR Max, 33 and 29 seater.
Also advise financing options available.


martin says:

for the best quatation email me at 29,33,37,41 ,46, and 51 seater
serious buyers only

Billy Otieno says:

Kindly provide me with the price of a unit of the same completely built and available financing options

Patrick says:

Am director in a car hire business company, we are interested in buying two units of Isuzu buses kindly give us the current prices of complete pussanger buses for:
37 seater NQR
33 seater
29 NPR
Could you please advise us on the cost and financing options available.

benard says:

plz send me the price list for the 37 seater and the possibility of buying in instalments. plz also include the image of the bus

Calistus Kiambo. says:

Please send me the NQR-MAX 37 and is it NRR 33 seater buss prices and their payment options?

Fridah says:

How can i get the prices of 30-37 seater bus urgently?


please advise me on price and financing of 26, 33, 37 seaters complete

edward siamito says:

I am interested to buy a bus kindly give me the current prices of complete built buses
37 seater NQR
33 seater
29 NPR
if i want to pay istallment what is the process
and howmuch is the down payment.
very much interested and ian able to the first instalment
thank you

bashir juma says:

I am interested to buy a bus kindly give me the current prices of complete built buses
37 seater NQR
33 seater
29 NPR
if i want to pay istallment what is the process
and howmuch is the down payment.
very much interested and ian able to the first instalment
thank you

p kariuki says:

How much would it cost me to buy a complete and new isuzu max.

Kamau simon says:

The current prices of complete built buses
37 seater NQR
33 seater
29 NPR
Do you give credit buses to the start-up, please advise on this and the financing option available
Is it payable by installment

Bonny says:

Am so interested in buying the new 37 seater matatu,how much should icontribute n what percentage will Ibe financed…thank you


i’m amechanic working with ACACIA SHUTTLE based in kisumu city.we are currently using ISUZU NPR and ISUZU FRR.what makes our engines not last for long?(npr).thenks to FRR ,it is too strong.I would also want to know more about NQR MAX..NEXT is that we did an attatchment course at your plant in NAIROBI on october 2010 and were to sent the certificates by mail but we have not gotten them yet.PLEASE HELP

am interested in the 37 seater please send me a quote for price of a chasis and also a complete built bus

looking for isuzu FRR 33L bus chasis price please send.

Samwel says:

I am interested in the 37-seater Isuzu NQR Max could you please advise me on the cost and financing options available.

Albert Webale says:

How much does it cost? Can i pay by installments?

Joan says:

I am interested in purchasing the 37-seater Isuzu NQR Max could u please send me the cost and financing options available for the above and do you have other options prefarably a larger seating capacity say 42/54+ if so, please send me details of the same. Thanks

murithi m says:

what’s the current price of a isuzu mini bus 29 seater NPR?


hi would like to know how much the 37 /42 seater goes for how much ?

George Kabunga says:

We are exploring doing passenger transport using Isuzu Buses, and would like some advice and price.

1. Do you sell Chasis and Engine or you provide built units?

2. We will need a 60+ seating capacity with 4 seats per raw ( 2 on each side of the aisle ), what do you have?

#. What is you price ex – Nairobi?


eric says:

am just wondering if there could be any venture where investors of 14 seater or owners could surrender their vehicles in exchange for this new buses in an credit agreement platform to pay for the dues in a given period of time on monthly basis.

joseph nyandwaro says:

looking for 38 izuzu bus in kenya.send me the web right now

peter says:

How much does it go for?am interested in buying one.please avail further details for more clarity.

Saidy says:

It’s exciting news.Please, let me know how much the NQRMAX bus costs and whether you have financing options for interested persons like me.Details on financing options will be highly appreciated, if you have such an arrangement.

mwendwa says:

I love the NQR MAX. It’s just the right size. Iam thinking about buying a couple in the near future…….

murimi says:

i think this will offer the best remedy to ease up the congested CBD. moreso congratulations for the continued good work and innovation of the vehicles which suit our local geographical and all weather road conditions