Kenya to Present Human Rights Scorecard Before UN Forum

Police in Kenya - Maintaining Order

Kenya will next month at a United Nations forum  answer to its human rights record two years after the post-election violence that rocked the country triggered by the December 2007 disputed Presidential polls that left over 1000 people dead and over 350,000 people displaced. Under the first UN Human Rights Commission’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), Kenya has its date on May 6 in Geneva, Switzerland, to give an account of its fulfilment of human rights obligations and commitments.

At the UPR, countries review each other’s progress and challenges in strengthening the rule of law and access to universal human rights. Although participating countries will make suggestions for improvement to each other, a country like Kenya is free to take or ignore such advice once the final report is presented later in July.

In preparation for the peer review, Kenya has filed its national report before the Human Rights Council. The KNCHR together with other civil society organisations have also filed joint and individual reports that will form the basis of review at the conference

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