Mutiny in Guinea as Dadis Camara’s Nephew is Arrested

Dadis Camara in Burkina Faso

The nephew of Guinea’s Junta leader, Dadis Camara has been arrested.  Lieutenant Marcel Guilavogui, former deputy commander in the presidential guard, was among those arrested Thursday along with three other officers and an unknown number of sub-officers close to Guinea’s former junta chief Moussa Dadis Camara following a mutiny in their army barracks, a military source said Saturday. They were placed under arrest for inciting rebellion in the barracks of student soldiers in Kaleya near the town of Forecariah, which lies 110 kilometres south of the capital Conakry.

Dadis Camara who is currently in Burkina Faso, recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered during an assassination attempt on his life by one of his own aides, was recently criticized for trying to influence his close supporters to sabotage the agreement that led to the unity government that was establish in the country recently. Camara still has a lot of influence in the country, and it seems his supporters are determined to have him returned back to the country as the see him as the rightful occupant of the presidency.

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