LRA Massacre Exposed in the DRC

LRA Rebels

The international human rights group and the United Nations investigations have unconfined a report on Sunday about the massacre that claimed the lives of many and seriously injured others in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report indicated that at least 300 people were killed and 250 were kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels. The massacre lasted for four-days between 14th and 17th December 2009 in Northern Haute Uele District in the Makombo area of DRC.

The Human Rights Watch investigation also revealed that 80 children were among the 250 who were kidnapped by the Ugandan’s dreaded rebel group. “The Makombo massacre is one of the worst atrocities committed by the LRA in its bloody 23-year history, yet it has gone unreported for months,” senior Africa researcher, Anneke Van Woudenberg, HRW’s said. The HRW says that the dreaded rebel still is an active group even though the Ugandan army and its regional backers countered the statement. “The men were tied by the chest by the same rope and killed with wood sticks on the back of the head and neck, it was really brutal and fast,” Lillian Egounlety, who led the UN investigation, was quoted as saying.

The LRA forced Children into becoming child soldiers and among the kidnapped were forced to kill other Children, HRW investigate. The LRA rebel attacks were well planned, their target was men but also innocent women and Children’s were killed in the process, HRW added. “The youngest person to die was a three year old girl who was burned to death and 23 other were killed”, HRW report.

Most of the weapons which were used in the killings of the innocent civilian were axes and heavy wooden stick, as reported in the report. In a 10 month period in 2008 and 2009, the rebel group killed 1, 200 people and kidnapped 1,400 including 630 children and over 400 women in DRC, UN has said. However, the group’s spiritual leader and overall head of the group Joseph Kony, who is on the International Criminal Court list of wanted persons and war crimes and some of his fighters are still believed to be hiding inside a swampy river in northern DRC surrounded by Ugandan forces.

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