Guinea to Elect a New President on June 27

Interim Leader - Sekouba Konate

Members of the government in the West African State of Guinea have announced that the country will hold a presidential election on June 27. It will be the first since a military coup that brought Dadis Camara into power in December of last year.

The proposed date was set last month by the main electoral commission and the decree was signed by General Sekouba Konate, the country’s interim leader. According to the decree,  “The transition president, [the] interim president of the republic, sets the date of the first round of the presidential election for June 27. A second round would be held on July 18 if no candidate got an absolute majority. It also proposed that campaigning run from May 17 to June 26. The country is still recovering from a massacre that led to 157 reported dead according to human rights groups. The mastermind of the killings, a close aide of junta Leader Dadis Camara, refered to as ‘Toumba’ also made an assassination  attempt on the leaders life. He has since been on the run and a reward has been offered for his arrest.

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