Faure Gnassingbe Has Been Re-elected as President of Togo

Faure Gnassingbe - Election Victory

According to reports coming out of Togo, President Faure Gnassingbe the incumbent in the country’s Presidential election is said to have won the elections by a comfortable margin.  The election commission said Faure Gnassingbe, had beaten opposition challenger Jean-Pierre Fabre. He won 1.2 million votes of two million cast, according to officials, considerably more than his rival’s tally of 692,584. The vote which took place on Thursday was widely seen as a test for democracy in a region rife with coups and flawed elections and in a country in which hundreds of demonstrators died in violence after the last presidential vote five years ago.

There are reports that the election went smoothly but concerns have been raised about flaws in vote collection procedures. Opposition candidates, say they fear the poll could have been rigged. Faure Gnassingbe is the son of Gnassingbe  Eyadema, the late President who ruled Togo for over four decades.

ECOWAS observers said the vote had passed smoothly but raised concerns about how results would be collected after a malfunction in the satellite system intended to transmit data from voting stations. The ECOWAS mission raised concerns about the malfunction that local election officials had to travel to Lome, the capital, with physical proof of vote tallies and said that could undermine confidence in the result. The European Union team told a news conference there they were concerned about procedural errors but said these did not raise questions over the vote count.

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