50% Increase in Salaries For Public Servants in Guinea

Sekouba Konate - Making Brave Decisions

The Guinean government have announced a 50% increase in the salaries of public servants in the country. A move which is aimed at softening the impact of a 30 percent increase in fuel prices. According to an official statement read on state media – An important increase – of 50 percent in the salaries of public servants was decided by government.  The Statement also went on to say that the increase was decided out of a concern to relieve the suffering of public servants. The average monthly salary of a government employee in Guinea is about 67 U.S. dollars.

According to officials, the salary increase will be applied in two stages, in March and in July. From March government will also increase transport and rent allowances by 30 percent while pensions will also be revised upwards by 30 percent. The salary increase announcement came after a 30 percent increase in the price of petrol products which will see petrol and diesel rise from 5,000 Guinean francs per litre to 6,500 Guinean Francs. This move by the Guinean government will be closely watched by people in neighbouring Sierra Leone who believe that increase in civil servants salaries has long been overdue. But the bravery of the government in Conakry must be applauded. President Koroma must follow the Guinean example and make it a priority to increase salaries so as to alleviate the suffering of the masses in light of the high cost of living and exorbitant prices of basic commodities like rice.

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    Even as a junta, those in power in the republic of Guinea have sympathy and feel the pains of the masses. Of course i am not advocating for military rule but if things get better for the people there and in Niger Republic, people will favour military to civil rule even in the whole of West Africa. We are watching events in Nigeria and Sierra Leone where governments are turing blind face to the yeanings of labour for better welfare and higher wages. If they fail to act, citizens may opt for the military in both countries.

    Abuja, Nigeria.

  2. Moon

    I want to commend the military junta for their kind jesture to the ordinary people of Guinea. They are making for peaceful and meaningfukl change, gracing the people of that country even though they are illegitmate and hiking prices of other commodities. Governments in other West African countries hike food, transport, fuel and price of other essentials but fail to put more money in the peoples pockets, no problem! “Those who make peaceful changes impossible make violent changes inevitable”. Message to governments of West Africa and Zimbabwe.


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