Minaret Collapses Killing 36 and Injuring 71 Moroccans

The mosque in the old medina of Meknes after it collapsed

300 worshippers were in the mosque for the Friday afternoon prayer when the minaret collapsed causing a human disaster in Meknes, Morocco. While the Imam (the preacher) was about to start his sermon for 300 worshippers who were in the mosque Bab Berdieyinne for the Friday prayer, the four-century old minaret collapsed killing 36 and injuring 71 worshippers. The mosque is situated in the old medina (city) of Meknes, where the buildings are very old and fragile. Meknes was under heavy rains the late few days which caused the collapse of the old minaret. Moroccan soldiers pulled out of the rubble people alive, injured, or dead.

The disaster panicked local people and caused a kind of confusion among the inhabitants of the old city who live in the same neighbourhood. Their houses are the same quality as the old minaret, a situation that calls for a must – coming – action as soon as possible to consider the case of these old buildings that hundreds of people live under their roofs. The injured worshippers were taken to the hospital of Meknes, while the serious cases were hospitalised in Fez. According to the latest news, 51 people left the hospital after they received medical treatment.

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