America’s disgraceful attempt to suppress Africa’s stringent anti-gay laws

Barack Obama - Pressure on African Leaders

It is without doubt that the American Government led by an African-American, do not fully understand Africa’s take on homosexuality. To Africans around the world, it is simply dirty. Not the norm in our social and cultural way of life. And in no way can this devilish and ungodly act be thrown down our throats. Africans do not look at Homosexuality as a human rights affair. The peoples of Africa respect all human way of life that is acceptable in the eyes of God, and that is deemed ethical and normal in society. There is no common sense in the mechanics of a man having an affair with another man. That is not how God intended it to be. It is pure filth when you come to think about it. Advocating for it and giving all sorts of stupid excuses like human rights reasons, does not qualify it for African consumption nor consideration. Becoming Homosexual should deprive any human being from human rights protection within the scope of practicing homosexuality – it does not mean that they should be deprived of other aspects of human rights! The emphasis here is that their rights to practice homosexuality should be discouraged. Why? Because it is simply not a decent way of life, and it seriously undermines the sacred nature of marriage and family as God wants it to be.  If it is the norm, then why are Homosexuals spending much of their time advocating for equal rights? Why are majority of the world’s society against this demonic practice?

I know Gay advocate groups will throw attacks at me for this; but it’s time for this whole political correctness approach by Western Governments trying to force down unethical acceptance of some of the things that have destroyed the fabrics of their societies into Africa’s rich cultural tradition of decency and pride, to be stopped. You may want to ask yourself why, with so many beautiful women around the world, any man in his right senses will have to even be attracted to another man? There is something fundamentally wrong with any man who can lust for another man. God created Man and Woman differently for a reason. He created a sexual connection between the two for apparent reasons of procreation and sexual fulfilment, and the physical chemistry to go with it all. The sensual difference of the bodies of a man and a woman expresses God’s intentions fully. The African way of life is not keen on being introduced to such nasty adventures that may only ensure the wrath of God. Maybe, this is one thing the West can learn from Africa, after exploiting our resources to build their nations and using us as slaves to build their economies, now they want to introduce  a satanic approach to social liberation that has made them look foolish to the rest of the world.

For Barack Obama to pick up his phone and threaten the Ugandan President of sanctions if the government does not change its stance on Gay rights, is not only disgraceful of someone with a strong African background, it goes to expose a political weakness of this otherwise noble African child.  Any act of homosexuality introduced to Africa, will be met with vehement force that will only reflect on the people’s disgust of this human embarrassment. For the Almighty God to bless his people, the world should desist from blatant disregard of God’s intended way of life for us humans. No one can validate Homosexuality. Any reason or excuse given to engage in such acts is merely done for the disgusting gratification some get from it. Uganda and Kenya must be commended for taking such drastic actions on gay and lesbians and urged to keep the momentum. Africa will not tolerate any homosexuality on its corridors of traditional decency.

The resources the West uses to advocate for Gay rights should have been well spent in educating and treating Homosexuals of their apparent mental health problems. Or more so, spent in compensating Africans for their looted resources. Africa will never be prepared for the acceptance of homosexuality. The wrath of God should not be under-estimated. By wanting to introduce Homosexuality into Africa, it is another attempt by the West to destroy what is left of our culture, traditions, and society; and for them to finally confine us to the abyss of destruction. We say no! And the fight to stop this will continue, by God’s grace.

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  1. Oluwaseun

    You are wrong Ahmed M Kamara, in Africa, where I have land and entitlement to a throne, homosexuality or relationship with the same sex exist and its is not a contagion, your editorial piece has a biased line from the onset…plz speak for yourself and not for all African. We in Africa have enough problem already-Why? is the Je-Ho-Vah allowing this continet to be the cesspit of the world? The western world homosexuality is way over the top than in` Africa yet the prosper Why, I know the Bible too much not to ask why…God

  2. Jason White

    Uganda, all of Africa, is nothing but a cesspool of filth. You depend on others for your survival, you are dirty and full of disease. For a pathetic bunch of people dirty people, it is hard to imagine you want to discriminate against someone else. Does it make you feel better?

    Do everyone a favor and shut up.

    • Greling

      It’s a cesspool we in the West helped create and until we do something to reverse it, we are just as culpable. So long as Africans are poor and ignorant, the gays in Africa will be the first scapegoats and first targets of violence. Look at Germany. It wasn’t until Hitler was abolished that the gays started resurfacing there. The same with Italy. Russia’s gays are next.

  3. Bouba

    The responses from the gay community above to this fine presentation by the author only goes to validate the points the author is trying to make. And exposes the dirty minds of those calling themselves gay. You are dirty people my friend.

  4. Adebayor

    Oluwaseun you are a disgrace to all Nigerians around the world. Do you mind revealing your true Identity here? As a Nigerian myself after reading your reply I feel bad.

    • John

      im surprised you can even speak english! now go back to school and get a real education so you dont have to come to the UK and feed off our taxes.

    • Ebou

      What does english have to do with Sodomy? Is Sodomy marriage recognized in the UK? Do you know why? Its you filthy homo who should get education

    • Elton

      The majority of you blacks are totally uneducated, animalistic, barbaric, backward and bigoted (look it up if you dont know what that means). Why should we have to pay for AIDS treatment of the filth in Africa? I say educate the dumb masses there. I dont care what happens in Africa, as long as those immigrants stay out of the USA.

    • Ebou

      Nice you have exposed your true colors–racist bigot by using the word “black”. To educate your racist bigoted mind..most white people oppose Sodomy..look at the votes in 36 states in America where white people voted against Sodomy.. You are a disgrace to the human race…You deserve death by lynching

    • Adam

      So being racist is bad, but being homophobic is okay? You blacks are really stupid. That is called a double standard and it makes no sense!

    • Pearl

      Ebou, you really are stupid. 36 states voted against gay marriage, NOT sodomy. The majority of Americans want gays to get equal rights and openly serve in the US army. We even have a lesbian mayor for Texas, Houston. so get your facts straight. Besides, anal sex is practiced amongst straight couples too if you didnt know that.

    • Ebou

      Whatever moral spin you put on your gay agenda, you are social misfits…rejected by society. Even your army rejects you. Why? You are abnormal….
      Are these black countries?

      The reality is Sodomites are VIOLENTLY rejected all over the world especially in the WEST

      1) Lawrence King was a 15 year old child butchered in his middle class school in California.

      2) Michael Sandy was chased to his death in New Jersey.

      3) Lithuania passed anti-gay legislation banning all “pro” gay literature and film.

      3) Lithuania has seen repeated violent anti-gay mob action at every attempt at a gay pride parade.

      4) The U.K. reports that violent anti-sodomy attacks are on the rise.

      5) Anti-gay violence claimed the lives of gay men in the U.K. in the last two years.

      6) In Toronto, a gay man was deliberately run down with a car.

      7) Serbia cancelled its gay pride parade because its police could not guarantee the safety of participants from violent, anti-gay nationalists.

      8) Poland’s president and several other figures have publicly denounced gays and used anti-gay propaganda to fuel their own political power.

      Now…Are these African Countries?

    • Mel Smith

      But you and him are both the same to me. He’s a racist bigot, and you are a homophobic bigot. What’s the difference between you and him? Prejudice is prejudice.

    • feetxxxl


      it appears that the anti homosexual attitude is a cover for all sins committed by your heterosexual culture both among believers as well as non believers. it is about the patronistic nature of your culture, which encourages males to have multiple sex pardners, which is responsible for the spread of aids , contributing to the existence of 30 million orphans.

      how is it that you a heterosexual can point such a condemning finger at homosexuals.

  5. Alex

    I stopped reading half way when i saw how totally deluded this writer is. You clearly have no understanding of science, logic or even spirituality. Science has proved that homosexuality is NOT a choice, but rather an innate trait. Logic tells us that no one in Uganda will “chose” to be gay given the discrimination they face, yet gay Ugandans are in fact a reality,l which proves no one chooses it. And spiritually speaking, not all religious people are as backward as you. Remember the gay Anglican Bishop and the soon-to-be-appointed lesbian bishop in the US? When last i checked, Africa was receiving money from the USA and Europe, not the other way round. Join the progressives and support gay marriage, maybe one day countries in Africa can be as prosperous as the other countries who have legalized gay marriage, like Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and South Africa! Yes thats right, South Africa. Isnt it strange that they are the most successful country on the African continent. You really should embrace sexual diversity in the same way you embrace racial diversity. Viva gay rights!

  6. Ojambo Obasi

    You hopeless foreign homos,men run after men and women after women and end up sleeping with dogs in beds and others domestic animals claiming their human rights. No body asked you to come to Africa ( for slave trade, colonialism, now homo filthy vile).
    And if you come, you have no right at all to tell us how to behave.
    I just pity men who want to wear pumpers like little ones because the anal sphincters can no longer hold! Homosexuality is simply unnatural

    • John K.

      You better hope I don’t become president one day, asshole. The United State’s aid to your shithole country will turn into bombs. I’ll show you homo filth alright.

    • Ebou

      A President of homo nation may be…you must be day dreaming….And your Sodomy nation…go get your food stamps from China

  7. Chris O.

    The author Ahmed Kamara doesn’t make sense in this essay. African law and attitudes towards homosexuality are just as diverse as in the rest of the world. It’s a mistake to talk as if Africa is one monolithic entity in regard to this issue. For instance, the South African constitution protects the rights of gays. The tired old arguments that same-sex love is unnatural or against God don’t hold up either under close scrutiny. Homosexual behavior exists in virtually every community on Earth. Not only that but there are numerous cases of same-sex couples and homosexual activity observed in the animal kingdom. So it is indeed ironic that the Uganda bill penalizes “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” with imprisonment of up to 14 years or the death penalty for “aggrevated homosexuality.” This proposed Ugandan law Kamara defends could potentially kill somebody for non-violent behavior between consenting adults. In short, it’s a law to kill somebody because of who he or she loves. It’s a poorly conceived law that deserves to be rejected by all Africans.

  8. Ebou

    I agree with the authors analysis as an African on three points

    1- The West presents its culture as universal–using terms as human rights, universal freedom, global war on terror etc….The assumption is that other societies can only become civilized if they abandon their cultures and embrace the Western ethos. Behind this agenda there is race, racism and racialism….this is intended to subjugate non Western peoples. On the surface, it appears to be just homosexuality but there is a deeper meaning…a cultural and racial war.

    2-Have you ever heard Europeans or Americans condemn Saudi Arabia or Asian countries for their laws against homosexuality? ( they are even more harsh). Why do Western countries specifically point out African countries? Why is the West so obsessed with homosexuality in Africa? We have more pressing issues to deal with.

    3- This is a cultural challenge. We face a second wave of colonialism, both subtle and ruthless at the same time. We Africans have a duty and obligation to protect ourselves from Western contamination, totalitarian liberal activism, and intellectual cynicism.

    • Porter

      You are hilarious! its thanks to the USA that you even have this internet to spew your rubbish over and its thanks to us you speak the beautiful English language. Africa would be NOWHERE without the help of the West. Where do you think you receive money and financial aid from? And who do you think has to pay for all the AIDS treatment in Africa because African men are sex depraved and think its their right to have sex with any women they see. You people are DISGUSTING!

    • Ebou

      Just to educate you a little about your over-hyped handouts which are fighting your war on terror… Why don’t you keep them?
      Or you are talking about loans that are stolen by your corrupt leaders and ours.
      And paid with high interest.
      Do you know who started AIDS in Africa?

    • Mister Cat

      I believe the prevailing theory is accidental injury while butchering monkeys infected with a mutation of the simian version of HIV. I’m not sure how that’s particularly relevant to your argument.

  9. Mel Smith

    As an African-American, you Africans make me hate having African ancestors. You all are just some sick killers. First, the only reason you are homophobic is because of European colonialism. Traditional African beliefs respected homosexual people. You think the West is trying to tell you what to do? The anti-homosexual laws came from Europe during colonialism. During the Independence movements, your governments kept the anti-homosexual laws. You all are just like the people from the stone age. People realize that sexual orientation represents biology, and you guys are 100 plus years behind.

  10. Mel Smith

    Porter, don’t scoop to their level. Racism and homophobia is all the same. Prejudice is prejudice. Sometimes, the hardcore anti-gay people are hiding something deep inside themselves. That’s why they lash out at homosexuals so much. Our worst enemies often share something with us. Closet case homosexuals pretending to be something else.

  11. Joshua Cohen

    Whether you approve of homosexuality or not, Africa’s growing intolerance toward it will inhibits its economic development. American and European countries will not invest resources and personnel in countries that would discriminate and persecute its LGBT employees.

    • Adebayor

      Joshua Cohen your views are in the minority. It shows how low you homos can go to be accepted. This is not about anyone being homophobic, it is purely about the act itself. As the author so eloquently puts it – it is just dirty. There is no justification for a man to sleep with another man.

    • Khaled Oman

      What investments does America have in Africa apart from exploiting our natural resources ?
      By the way the Chinese are lurking somewhere with kin interest.
      The Chinese know when to open and close their mouth.
      To remind you again, MOST Europeans and Americans reject Sodomy by an overwhelming majority. Apart from a few totalitarian liberals who are social outcasts in Europe

    • Mel Smith

      You think majority opinion always means righteousness? Again, what does a person being homosexual has to do with you? I’m sorry, you all are just killers.

  12. Grant

    Wow this guy sounds like a crazy. How he is even aloud to express his opinion!! There is only problems with homosexuality in Africa because their government has taken no action to try and inform there people about it. How can one form a positive or civil understanding of something when their government fears them into having no voice. You sit there and insult the western worlds culture and government and thats fine but why do you think we prosper? Because we spend our time worrying about stuff that is important. Does someones homosexuality really affect your life style that much. No! your fucking bonehead. You don’t have to agree with homosexuality or even like it but the sooner you realize homosexuals will never lock their sexual orientation in a vault because of animals like yourself the better off the world will be. why don’t you spend your time and energy on helping your country industrialize, so eventually when the future youth of your country realizes what a close minded religious robot you are more people like you can fade away into the dark. No one want to hear your crazy ass conclusions about homosexuality. You should do a google search on it so you no whats going on and why people are gay (NOT A CHOICE) before you crack you bias bible open. Thanks for showing us all what a MONSTER you are. Hope god has mercy on you soul because, as i know GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN. you loser

    • Khaled Oman

      Your gay god surely loves you…If you are talking about God, then there is something called the Bible or the Koran that is very clear…

      “Homosexuality is wrong: you will not lie with a man the way you lie with a woman. Look at Leviticus 18: 22 or I Corinthians 6: 9 or Romans 1: 18 onwards.”
      Leviticus 20:13 ‘If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

    • Mel Smith

      But, we can have a debate on YOUR OWN interpretation of the Koran or the Bible. You cannot follow a literal interpretation of the Koran or Bible, and use it against any group of people today. If I am a racist, I will pull quotes out of the Bible to justify my racism. And those Bible quotes you typed DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY HOMOSEXUAL PEOPLE TODAY.

    • Khaled Oman

      What interpretation do you need? I quoted the bible word for word. Unless you don’t understand English, God’s words are very clear.
      Who told you that the bible doesn’t apply today?
      May be in the new Liberal Sodomy religions.

    • Mel Smith

      And that is the problem!!! You are using books that have been translated in many different ways and using it against a group of people. I will not debate religion with you because I am not a teacher or expert of religion. But, I will tell you this: Sodomy or a person who is a Sodomite is a bad person. Sodomy can apply to a bad homosexual person, heterosexual person, priest, etc. If a neighborhood refuses to offer you food or clothing, they are sodomites. That’s what the Bible story was about. It did nothing to do with homosexual people today or in the past.

    • Aggie

      HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG! PERIOD! We are not advocating on “Hatred” among gays but educating them to understand the act is hideous, immoral, dirty, inhuman! “Leviticus 18: 22 or I Corinthians 6: 9 or Romans 1: 18 onwards.”

    • Mel Smith

      We? We? We? Why don’t you speak for YOU!!! Those Bible passages does not have anything to do with homosexual people as we know them today. See, have a debate about the Bible is tricky. For example, some Bible teachers would argue that not all the words in the Bible are GOD’S WORDS. This is how I view you: You are a continuation of the Europeans, colonialism, racism, prejudice, etc…

      What, you are supposed to be impressing me by pulling passages out of the Bible that YOU THINK is about HOMOSEXUAL people today. You want me to go get my Bible out and pull a passage out that supports slavery and colonialsim???? Please. You guys act like children.

    • Greling

      Then I guess you’ll agree that we should go back to enslaving Africans:

      “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.” (Leviticus 25:44-45)

      “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.” (Ephesians 6:5)

    • feetxxxl

      It’s interesting that although African blacks suffered terrible persecution for 1700 years because of an extreme unreasoned belief in a scripture in Leviticus (old testament)”make slaves from the surrounding countries for life to be passed on your children as inheritance”, they have now (led by their churches) chosen to embrace another scripture of that same book, with their own unreasoned extreme belief to persecute gays.

      It’s also interesting that the majority of black churches in the u.s.a. support in varying degrees, this same position.

      it is tragic that in order take this stand against homosexuality they would undermine the very faith they attempt to embrace, by keeping one foot firmly planted in the old covenant, by advocating a relationship to god thru regulation as in deut. 28, when in fact its directly to the one who lives in each believer.(torn curtain)

      they would be hard pressed to show how homosexuality comes against the 2nd commandment(love your neighbor as yourself), the summation of all new covenant law, or the fruit of the spirit of christ……….love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, gentleness, goodness, self-control, and faithfulness.

      BECAUSE IT DOESN’T!!!!!!!

      for the record scripture never said that homosexuality of itself was ever a sin.

      believers have attempted to say it does by assigning meaning to certain verses, in spite of the word of those verses or by adding their own stroke such as adding the word “only” to genesis and matthew.

  13. Mel Smith

    Adebayor, how do you know homosexuality is dirty????? If you are not homosexual, why are you so obsessed with who is sleeping with who???? You said there is no justification for a man to sleep with another man? But what if those two men don’t like women? If they don’t like females, there is justification for two men sleeping with each. Yes, this is actually about being homophobic if you are attacking people who are different than you are. You think the author used his words ‘eloquently’? What in the hell is so eloquent about disrespecting people for who they are? That represents ‘eloquence’ to you? And by the way, a lot of people think Africans are stupid worldwide. And you guys don’t even know your own history. Or you are refusing to acknowledge your own history of respecting homosexual people. A lot of you are barely eating at night. But you got enough time to be giving an opinion on something you know so little about???

    • Mohammed Fatah

      Am sure those who practice pedophilia and Bestiality will start asking…how do you know bestiality is dirty? why are you so obsessed with who is sleeping with who????
      Answer…..There is a difference between human beings and a pig. Human beings have brains.

      Even if we are to disregard God’s good intentions in creating the institution of marriage, most of the literature points to the fact that homosexuality is a behaviour, a habit learnt just like bestiality, pedophilia, smoking, or theft.

      Every part of the body was carefully designed for a specific purpose; the eye, the limbs, head, ears, mouth, nose, plus the anus, specifically for faecal disposal.
      You don’t need a PhD in Medicine to know this.

      Throughout history, Jewish and Christian scholars singled out the sin surrounding God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as homosexual behaviour (New Testament, Rom. 1:26, 1 Cor. 6:9 and the holy Quran al- jawaab al-kaafi (P.106)).

    • Mel Smith

      The minute you equated pedophilia with homosexuality, I quickly had to respond to you. Excuse me, you are making yourself look bad. A pedophile is someone who FORCES themselves on a CHILD. YOU or ME don’t have a right to force ourselves on anyone. Just like a man should not force himself or a woman. See, YOU CANNOT COMPARE AN ADULT WHO FORCES THEMSELVES ON A CHILD to homosexual people who are not hurting or forcing themselves on anyone. You need to come back with a better argument. Who I am does not hurt YOU or a CHILD. See, your dislike of homosexuality is blinding you of COMMON SENSE! Homosexual people are not harming society. EVERYTHING you typed is what people do. HOMOSEXUAL IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE, NOT WHAT PEOPLE DO! smoking, killing, pedophilia, and robbing is what people DO. AGAIN, homosexuality is what people ARE.

      It’s so funny: The only time I EVER see African Christians and Muslims team together is on beating up homosexual people. Issues dealing with poverty, politics, or peace, YOU PEOPLE NEVER COME TOGETHER AS ONE. What is it with you all???? Is everything always violence and hating on others with you???? You CANNOT EVEN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! THE WEST IF FEEDING YOU!!!! But, you do got a few minutes to talk about the homosexuals, correct???? You guys are a joke!!!! That is why people think you all are so stupid.

    • Mohammed Fatah

      ha ha .. Whom are feeding? If we can’t feed ourselves, its none of your business.OK? 1 in 8 Americans depend on food stamps. You must thank China for lending you money.
      That’s why your Sodomy agenda will never work in desperately try to link it to issues you don’t understand at all.
      You keep insulting religion.. Muslims and Christians,,,have you ever been to Africa? Do you know that all the major schools, universities, social services and hospitals are built and run by these institutions?
      Keep insulting the church.
      FACT….You homos are social misfits are rejected in the US military and your own society…Why? You are a shame to humanity.

      So according to your deluded brain what adults do in privacy in OK ? Then why not legalize polygamy? huh?
      You fagots are crazy! You need MENTAL rehabilitation

    • Mel Smith

      I actually do not have a problem with polygamy. I know my African history, and I am NOT attacking religion. I AM ATTACKING PEOPLE WHO USE RELIGION FOR EVIL REASONS.

    • Pearl

      Mohammed sounds like a muslim terrorist, why does anyone care what they think. muslims hate women, gays, christains etc. they must just stay in their shitholes in the middle east and leave the UK alone.

    • feetxxxl

      pedophilia and beastiality sounds like ruminations of your own mind.

      homosexuals have never been found lacking in any sector of society compared to heterosexuals. they are not less a friend, brother, doctor, teacher,counselor, pastor, soldier, engineer, doctor, neighbor, father,etc

      homosexuals bond in the same way as heterosexuals, out of mutual love, respect,affection, devotion, and trust for a shared committed life together.

      homosexual couples provide homes equal for nurturing and loving children equal to those of heterosexxuals, which has been evidenced by their opening their homes to rejected abandoned children of heterosexual unions.

  14. Jason White

    The Bible says to take care of your slaves. The Bible totally supports owning slaves. We took good care of our slaves – they were given water, food and shelter.

    I guess we all need to go back to the good old days and get us some black slaves. By the way, we only killed them when we HAD to. Not because they were black!

    Read the Bible — owning slaves is a GOOD thing.

    • Jason White

      I agree Grant, but if folks want to use the Bible as weapon, so be it. It’s written in the Bible that slave owners should take care of their slaves. It doesn’t say, don’t have slaves.

      The Bible as weapon is always a bad idea. Just wanted to bring that home to dumb folks that refer to a few passages in the Bible.

    • Greling

      Homophobia is slavery of the mind. It’s white people’s way of keeping Africa behind. It’s just another way of turning Africans against other Africans, while they they sit back and laugh. They send Christian preachers from thousands of miles away to convince the Ugandan government to pass a law for the execution of gays while not doing the same in their own country. Ever wonder why?

  15. Grant

    I agree you can go on so many different interpretations of the Bible or the Koran. I know there is only one god. No gay God, no straight God, no black God and no white God. ONE GOD. If you look at the bible and realized how many contradictions are prevalent it would open some peoples eyes up. Its funny how people forget the Bible, Koran or any other religious pieces are written by men through “the world of god” . How are you to say a bone head who is homophobic didn’t put that in there against gods will. Why would God go send his son to earth to teach us thing like: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and Love others as well as you love yourself. Why would Jesus give his hand to someone like Mary Magdalene? Because he loves all of gods children. Its funny people run around acting all self richeous, and don’t realize they are just contributing unacceptable attitudes in society. I have one question is ones being gay/homosexual really bothering you that much? at the end of the day thats what gets you angry? Thats what you pour you energy into? Making people who have no control over there sexual urges to someone of the same sex. I think people like you need to look hard and long in the mirror and ask yourself… are you gay? Spend your time worrying about something that really matters. Unless a gay person is having sex on your front lawn or in your back yard… you really should not care if anyone is gay. Because if its so dirty, unholy and unacceptable as long as you don’t engage in any gay behavior and make no friends with gay people (which would great!!! No one likes having close minded friends) gay should not be on your mind. Get over it its 2010 no matter how much you hate the idea of a man laying with man the way he should with a women its always going to be around 🙂 lmao!

    • Khaled Oman

      There is a difference here. Christians and Muslims alike love all people, what we are talking about here is the sin in religion or the crime in the law of homosexuality.
      Just as we condemn all evil acts like bestiality, and pedophilia. These people can be rehabilitated through counseling and cured from this abomination.
      In 2010 we cannot allow pedophilia, bestiality, homos and child molesters to prevail because its non of our business. Something like AIDS which infects people in privacy affects all of us. We cannot keep a blind eye.
      Its proven scientifically that AIDS is more PREVALENT among gay people.
      This vice must be stopped as part of a broad program to stop AIDS

    • Mel Smith

      But, THAT IS YOUR OPINION TO THINK THAT HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG. I DON’T THINK SO! And I don’t think it is right to compare homosexuality to people who hurt children.

      You said it is proven scientifically that AIDS is more prevalent among gay people. Can you direct me to that statistic, please? And AIDS also affects other people to. Should we get rid of them?

    • BlackNazi

      Mel smith,you are big disgrace to the Black race.Am really shocked to hear your comments that you regret your ancestors being of African descent.Just to let you know,Homosexuality is not for the Black race.I dont really know which bird shit in your brain.Grow up.

    • Grant

      Wow is all i have to say. We are in 2010 religion has some errors in it considering it was written at the beginning of time. its fine that some people like you still follow things that have been proven wrong. Homosexuality cannot not be cured or treated with therapy, people have tried and people relapse because its not curable. That would be like me saying lets send you to therapy and fix your sexual orientation. its a crock of shit. Aids may be more prevalent among the gay people but more straight people carry the virus. So just because more straight people are spreading it around i guess it would be easy to turn the blame on heterosexuals, but that wouldn’t be fair so i wont. I wont stoop to your low and point the finger to someone else. I don’t no why you feel so strongly that you need to talk out against gays… if god has a problem with it than he can give me consequences when i pass away. If you have an issue with it theres only ONE thing you can do …. don’t be gay.

    • Greling

      “These people can be rehabilitated through counseling and cured from this abomination.”

      B.S. There is not a single case of this ever being proven. All of the people who claim to having been cured still admit to ‘urges’. And just about all of the people making this claim are white Christians, of course, who brought Africa the anti-gay attitudes in the first place.

      “Its proven scientifically that AIDS is more PREVALENT among gay people.”
      It’s also proven scientifically that AIDS is more PREVALENT among Africans.

    • Jason White

      Yes! And we will keep our $$$ out of Africa as well. Live on your own and quit asking for handouts to feed your dirty mouths.

    • ACE

      U faggots! we Africans do not entertain sodomy and as the writer stated we are ready to elimate all of you from our society and resist any foriegn power/govt trying to support you on the basis of human rights cos u guys are beast n u have no rights.

  16. Mel Smith

    And as an American, I am confident to say that President Barack Obama is one of the greatest men of MANKIND who will possibly create peace throughout the world.

    Obama also stands for worldwide human rights.

    Now, is it really right to compare homosexual people to people who molest children? That is one of the most insane comparisons to make. That argument lacks all proper judgement and common sense.

    You Africans are just sad excuses for human beings.

    • Mohammed Fatah

      ha ha ha Obama stands for human rights?…that’s really deluded thinking..How many babies and women has he bombed in Afghanistan and Iraq? what about Guatanamo, Abu Ghrab, water-boarding, secret prisons, selling arms to dictators?
      Homos really need mental rehab

  17. Alan

    Thank you to all the people supportive of LGBT rights, in spite of intolerant discrimination from people like Mr. Ahmed Kamara. I’m glad welcoming and affirming churches are beginning to unite on websites like Believe Out Loud which launched today.

  18. Deej

    If there is a God, then he must hate Africa. 22 million cases of HIV, the continent with the greatest amount of poverty, civil wars, pirating, exploitation of resources by the corporate affairs of the rest of the world, astronomical rates of rape of women, etc. are just a few of the things that Africa has to brag about in its “decent” and “sacred” way of life. Forget it. Africa is a primitive place, filled with primitive people who have no grasp of what it means to be respect the freedom of others. Africans do not see the loving an married homosexual couples we have in some states of America who raise children and contribute to society just like any other citizen. In your religious zealotry and close minded prejudice, you know nothing of your own continent let alone, the Western World. Continue to live in your prideful ignorance, judging others when you can’t even adequately judge yourself.

  19. Greling

    I think homophobia—not homosexuality—is the REAL conspiracy to destroy Africa. Look at all of the gays coming to Africa. What do they want? HIV/AIDS education and prevention, condom distribution and family planning literature sent out. What do the anti-gay people coming to Africa want? “Abstinence-only” programs, which have been proven NOT to work in their own countries. That helps spread HIV/AIDS, not prevent it. Notice how in the parts of the world where homosexuality is most accepted they have the lowest HIV/AIDS rates, but in the places where it’s illegal HIV/AIDS runs wild and rampant.

  20. Eboue

    Just to remind you global fagots/social misfits that you are INTERNATIONALLY REJECTED not just in Africa also in the WEST….You are so obsessed with Africa ..We don’t need you…Try to re-create Sodom and Gomorrah in hell. We shall give you free tickets–Death penalty

    Whatever moral spin you put on your gay agenda, you are social misfits…rejected by society. Even your army rejects you. Why? You are abnormal….
    Are these black countries?

    The reality is Sodomites are VIOLENTLY rejected all over the world especially in the WEST

    1) Lawrence King was a 15 year old child butchered in his middle class school in California.

    2) Michael Sandy was chased to his death in New Jersey.

    3) Lithuania passed anti-gay legislation banning all “pro” gay literature and film.

    3) Lithuania has seen repeated violent anti-gay mob action at every attempt at a gay pride parade.

    4) The U.K. reports that violent anti-sodomy attacks are on the rise.

    5) Anti-gay violence claimed the lives of gay men in the U.K. in the last two years.

    6) In Toronto, a gay man was deliberately run down with a car.

    7) Serbia cancelled its gay pride parade because its police could not guarantee the safety of participants from violent, anti-gay nationalists.

    8) Poland’s president and several other figures have publicly denounced gays and used anti-gay propaganda to fuel their own political power.

    Now…Are these African Countries?

    • Mel Smith


    • Mel Smith

      Pearl, don’t scoop to his level because you would be doing an injustice to the millions of AFRICAN HOMOSEXUAL PEOPLE. Me and you are not really suffering. They are killing their own kind in the name of God. Remember, it’s not really us who are suffering, it’s the African homosexual people that are suffering.

    • Jeremiah Wright

      So now all of a sudden you are invoking Jesus Christ…ha ha ha read (New Testament, Rom. 1:26, 1 Cor. 6:9 and the holy Quran al- jawaab al-kaafi (P.106)
      You will then understand what he says about sodomy.

    • Greling

      It’s funny you use “Jeremiah Wright” as your handle, because he’s actually a rather pro-gay pastor.

    • Mel Smith

      Rev. Wright is one of my heroes. Why are you using his name under anti-homosexual language? Rev. Wright respect homosexual people. LOL! YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT!!!

      Also, why do you only apply homosexuals to sodomy???

    • Jeremiah Wright

      You should use your tax dollars to pay back China.., your 14 trillion dollar debt and those 1 in 8 Americans who depend on food stamps.
      Its a disgrace that you think that you can throw homosexuality under our throats because of your handouts fighting your global war on terror

    • Mel Smith

      Before I WAS BORN, homosexuality has existed in Africa, AND WHEN I DIE it will continue to exist there.

    • Orlando John

      What is your point? Before you were born bestiality, prostitution, child molestation and sure sodomy existed and when you die they will continue.
      The issue here is that we must stop these unnatural and filthy, criminal, deviant behavior

  21. Musa Bah

    I think a lot of the commentators here castigating Africans for their stands on this issue are ignorant fools themselves. In Europe as in many other countries in the West, homosexuality was illegal until few decades ago and for some countries, particularly those emerging from the Eastern Block until just few years back. In Russia and many eastern European countries, homosexuals are brutalised and kill. Judging by some of the comments here and by implication, all these countries are just like Africa then uncivilised, backward, poor and full of illiterate people. What an utter ridiculous nonsense.

    To paraphrase Mandela, this is a course that we in Africa will fight for and if need be are prepared to die. As free people with own systems we deserve some respect. We are sick and tired of being a poodle for the West and the rest of the world. Our systems must be respected and allowed to evolve. We do not need your morality, keep them to your selves and use them to improve your societies. Keep your £££ and $$$. To quote from a previous African leader, “We would rather die in poverty with dignity than die in riches in slavery”. We should be left free to make own laws that are appropriate for our societies. It is too arrogant to expect us to subscribe to anything that is practice in the West. Why can’t it be the other way round? Why should you people in the West always think any value you hold must be right and should be above every one else? You can continue wallowing in your riches, just live us in peace. We are not going to be coerced by anyone into accepting any values we do not consider to be appropriate for our society and development. Those days are gone when you will come to Africa with you self righteous arrogant expecting us to bow down to you feeble mind and morality bankrupt behaviours. We are a proud continent and people and we will defend our values any cost.

    • Greling

      Any society not willing to examine their own values in light of knowledge obtained from outside cultures is the very definition of barbarism and all things uncivil. I hope that is not what you are aspiring for in all Africans. It is this anti-philosophy, this anti-progress sentimentality that will destroy Africa from within if it is not helped.

      Yes, African nations each must be allowed to form their own culture, their own morality and their own social standards, but they must also be willing to learn from other cultures as other cultures learn from them. This sort of evolution is only the bare minimum of what will be required to survive the 21st century.

      This arrogant idea that African culture is superior to the culture in the West is just as faulty as the idea that the West is superior in culture to Africa. Ideas and thoughts are what is being debated, not continents, land masses, races or ethnic groups of people.

    • Mohammed Fatah

      Examining your culture in light of other cultures doesn’t mean that you take in everything from foreigners..and being in the 21st Century doesn’t mean that we should embrace everything that comes along such as child pornography, sexting, bestiality, gun culture, drugs, and sodomy.
      This kind of totalitarian liberalism is very dangerous.

      Again homos are a minority in the WEST, they are rejected by their own societies. All the 36 states in the US that voted have rejected Sodomy. Sodomites are attacked in almost all western countries.

      What is arrogant is a few people who have been overwhelmingly rejected in their own backyard to expect another culture that has nothing to do with them, to accept them.

    • Mel Smith

      Ok, so what is your point? I don’t care about winning a popularity contest. I want to be on the right side of history. Homosexuals are on the right side of history.

    • Orlando John

      Bestiality, prostitution, child molestation and sure sodomy all claim to be on the right side of history.
      The issue here is that we must stop these unnatural and filthy, criminal, deviant behavior in our life time.

    • Greling

      Why do you fixate on discussing sex with animals and children so much? What does it do for you?

      Those of us who are of normal mental health don’t really like to keep bringing those subjects up.

    • Greling

      I fail to understand your point. As a black male of African descent, I am a minority in the West. I personally know what discrimination feels like. There was a time when 100% of U.S. states endorsed segregation. There was a time when the majority endorsed slavery. It took true some Christians to break with the centuries-old bigotry found in the Bible’s pages. It took true Christians to see that we were people too. Why would I feel called to discriminate against another group that has done no harm to me, my family, or my society? My duty is merely to approach every human being as a brother or sister in Christ.

      You equation of homosexuality with child pornography, bestiality, drugs, etc. is disturbing. Are you really serious that a consenting relationship between two unrelated, mature adults equates to that? I find take rather immature and undeveloped. It’s from grade school and not something any self-respecting adult would take seriously.

      I don’t want to play the role of a shrink, but I find your strong desire for the punishment of others to be very psychologically disturbing. Were you abused as a child? Did your parents hit you too hard? These sorts of things can inspire dark thoughts, feelings of revenge and sadomasochism.

    • Randy River

      Quote: I don’t want to play the role of a shrink, but I find your strong desire for the punishment of others to be very psychologically disturbing.
      Answer: I find the fact homosexuals aren’t STILL in jail or mental hospitals AND now have the RIGHT to vote to be very psychologically disturbing.

  22. In the interest of decency, only non-insulting comments will be published from now on. Anyone found to flout our terms and conditions will be permanently banned from this website. We have been very fair to give everyone the opportunity to express their views – but it seems things are escalating to a tirade of abuse. We do not condone this and have decided to issue a final warning! The Newstime Africa Management

  23. Mel Smith

    I don’t have a problem with being civil. But as usual, they attacked us homosexuals first, and I attacked them back. Prejudice people will never be civil. That is like asking a cat to speak a human language.

    But, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself.

    • Godeka Paddy

      No one attacked you..Everyone was discussing the vice of homosexuality. Its like speaking against child pornography, or bestiality, or even polygamy (where consenting adults are involved) or prostitution (which also may involve consenting adults)

    • Mel Smith

      Your argument is ignorant because homosexuality is NOT a vice, and homosexuality does NOT have anything in common with child pornography or bestiality.

      I repeat: Homosexuality is NOT a vice. It is a sexual orientation.

      It is not a crime to be a homosexuality.

    • Greling

      Your equation of the sexual exploitation of a child by a mentally sick adult to the relationship between two consenting adults is absurd. If you really do find them to be on an equal level, then I must say that the equation says much more about you than the subjects about with your portend to speak.

  24. Mel Smith

    The problem is based on the beliefs some of you have. There is not anything wrong with a person being homosexual. Again, there is not anything wrong with a person being homosexual. The only ‘vice’ in society is prejudice. If you are prejudice towards homosexuals or people who are different than you are, YOU ARE THE VICE in society. Prejudice people are the vice, not homosexual people. Ignorance is the vice, not homosexuals. Hate is the vice, not homosexuals. Intolerance is the vice, not homosexuals.

  25. Grant

    I agree that you should be able to form your own cultural view points and I don’t really care what is at the end of the day because i have no plans on ever visiting Africa unless its south Africa where gays are accepted. People just need to realize that it take all kinds of people to make this world spin around. The funny thing is that people keep comparing homosexuals to child molesters and other sick twisted things. which is completely messed up, considering the last time i check gay men & women were not the ones walking around Africa having sex with anyone the see fit. Also I think its funny that people forget that humans are mammals … 10-15% of mammals have homosexual sex!!! We are no different 10-15% of humans have homosexual sex too!!! To me it sounds like all the homo haters that commented on this article have never seen a homosexual couple who are a positive force in the community. Have good jobs, get involved in the community and raise a family. And i’m just going to defend this right now because i know someone is going to say it. Homosexuals raising children does not mean the child will be homosexual. My parents are heterosexual and if that were a true theory than i would be straight. I think that people have such an issue with gays in 3rd world countries because gays are so scared to let them selves be known, i would if i was facing a death sentence (which is bogus). No one has taking this into perspective. Imagine your little girl/little boy turned out to be gay and they had to face homophobic’s, rejection or death sentences every day. Imagine how you child would feel. if you can still show no empathy than that should show what kind of person your really are. I have faith that people in Africa will be modernized some day its not forgettable that the western world was where you were socially speaking. However, we seen the humanly thing to do and did it. Allow all people to have the rights. Religion, political views and free will is your right imagine if someone took that from you, just because of something they read in a book. like i said before if you respond with something homophobic or rude it just shows what kind of person you are. If i had to ask myself would i rather be a religious extremest or a well rounded open minded human being, i would choose being a well rounded individual. Learn from us … your never going to kill all the gays your wasting your time… accept it move on and build your country to be a beautiful country like everyone knows it can be!!!! spend your time on something more important. If this article has shown you anything people will never agree on this… move on. holy shit. One more thing !!! it is true that EVERY TIME people talk about religion a wild fight brakes out look at this whole fight above my comment. Smartest thing the western government EVER did was make religion separate from government.

  26. Chief, Ameka Ojai

    Seriously though, if you care so much about sodomites, why not invite them over and give them asylum (I suggest Guatanamo). That way your headache will be cured and you will have helped remove an abomination from our midst.

    What if an animal such as a dog engaged in behavior that indicated consent? For instance, I have a friend who’s dog tries to hump her everytime she is on her period by thrusting around her crotch and legs. I kid you not. So would it be wrong if they made doggie love?
    But animals can’t consent you say (neither do they consent to being butchered so you can have your hamburger, but oh well). So marrying a cow requires consent, but slaughtering it doesn’t?
    This is the similarity between bestiality and sodomites.

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. What the Ugandan parliament is doing is to protect the traditional moral heritage of its people. The backstabbers, as gays are sometimes described, can best be described as social misfits, who need to be isolated ‘permanently’ between four walls.

    • Greling

      God created Adam, Eve and Steve. God also created Seth, Cain, Able, Jacob, Abraham, Sarah, Eric, Kyle, Dana, David, Joshua, Paul, Kate, Karen, and even YOU…

      To suggest that God did not create someone one, that they are somehow unworthy of God’s love, is the among the most lowest uncharitable and un-Christian behavior.

      Judge not, for you too will be judged accordingly. And for every measure you make mete, so will be met unto you.

  27. is there any wonder at all as to why Africa is always so far behind the rest of the world …. a thousand years and they STILL cant get their act together… it’s all biased from lack of education, superstition and bogus religious psycho babel …. or perhaps it’s simply something in the local DNA ? It’s SO EASY to manipulate an uneducated person to do your bidding and call it Gods will …. How bloody foolish .

    • Musa Bah

      Mark, your approach on this debate is completely wrong and very arrogant. I am surprise that, you call yourself an educated person. For an educated person will not advocate change through the method of coercion and abuse. An educated person will employ dialogue and persuasion to bring about change. But it seems you guys have a moral absolutist position on this issue and anyone who disagrees with you is some how subhuman. This same aggressive method was successfully used in UK and other European countries to accept being gay as the norm. In these countries being a heterosexual is becoming redundant and an endangered species. How long did it take the societies you consider civilised to adopt the position they have now? The question you should ask yourself first and foremost is what is a civilised society? I think you should answer that question before you start insulting a whole continent. I am an educated person to post graduate level from UK Universities and I have lived and worked in London for the past twenty years and my views on this issue for Africa remain unchanged. I think you need to examine your own position and arrogance on this issue. Are you seriously suggesting that, anyone who disagrees with your absolutist position is uneducated and backward? Well, you will be surprise to know that Africa is not alone in this. How about the great majority of the conservative people in UK, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, most of Asia and the USA?

  28. Sheriff Bah

    Let me thank Ebou, Mel, Ahmed M. Kamara and the Newstime Africa Team with regards to the above publication authored by Ahmed M. Kamara and published on 14th February, 2010 on the Newstime Africa website.

    To Ebou, Mel and others, for their fierce stance in the argument prompted by the story. To Ahmed, for his courage in tackling such a thorny issue. To the Newstime Africa Team, for stimulating the debate and providing the forum that allows both camps to present their opposing views on the subject. That is what true journalism is all about.Now it is up to members of the reading audience to analyse the content (minus the obscenities), weigh the evidence and form their own opinions on whether homosexuality has a place in Human society. But this is a very slippery ground to trend on.

    Every society, big or small, has its own set of values that define the way of life of its members. These encompass people’s beliefs, dress code, food and sexual orientation which are as diverse as humanity itself. We may practise different religions, but the desire to worship is the same. We put on different clothing primarily to cover up our nudity. We may have different cuisines, but the hunger is the same; and we may have different sexual tastes, but the orgasm is the same.

    So, why do we label one culture superior and another inferior? Why do we condemn people who are different from who we are and what we are? Homosexuality is not an African way of life. Should Africans accept it because it is now becoming part of western culture? Let me hastily add that a greater percentage of westerners reject homosexuality. It is true that some Africans may have chosen to become homosexuals, but that does not make it an acceptable norm of African culture.
    Therefore, western campaigns to promote homosexuality as a human right issue in Africa should be seen as an act of blatant disregard of African values. If the west is really serious about promoting human right issues, why don’t they start in the Middle East where human right abuses are worst than in Africa? For instance, why not talk to the Saudis to at least grant driving licenses to their women folks?

    Africa may be poor and in dire need of western hand-outs, but any western attempts to impose any of its values incompatible with the African way of life will be met with fierce resistance. Uganda is a case in point that sends a clear signal to the west not to meddle with African values it knows so little about. Chinua Achebe, a renowned African writer sums it up in his masterpiece work, Things Fall Apart where he rhetorically asks, ‘Does the white man understand our custom…?’ ‘How can he when he does not even speak our tongue? But he says that our customs are bad.’

    It is said that, when we live and let live, we do not need to criticize, judge, or condemn others. We have no right to control them or try and make them conform to our way of thinking. We simply let others live their own lives and we live ours. To our western members of the human race, please do your thing as you see fit and kindly accord us (Africans) the simple courtesy to let us do ours as we see fit. Diversity in humanity indicates that two people can look at the same thing but yet see it differently.

    To my African brothers and sisters joining forces with the west to promote Homosexuality in Africa, please take heed of events in Uganda and reconsider your choices. Africa will never allow any of her people to bring a cause on the motherland. To members of the reading audience following the debate prompted by the publication, I will leave you with Achebe’s take on the ways of the white man as food for thought. ‘The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably… We were amused… and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.’

    • Mister Cat

      Keep in mind that no matter how pretty your argument is, it all comes down to murdering people to get your way.

  29. Jude

    The United States and many people here are speaking to your country because you are enacting legislation to murder people based on their sexual orientation. What you are doing is wrong. You refuse to look at the scientific evidence that being gay is not a choice. If you do not want our interference, do not take our money. With respect to other countries and our lack of objection to how they treat gays, I agree. We are hypocritical. Americans should stand up for Human Rights across the world. When I read that some of your fellow countrymen would murder their own children for being gay, all I can think is that these people are living in a barbaric culture that goes back 3000 years. Yea. We don’t like murdering innocent people. And we won’t shut up about it. Don’t like your gay citizens? Send them here. Please.

  30. Oluwaseun

    Sorry guys been busy trying to finish my PhD thesis in Swansea Uni. Adebayor! do you know what is called EGUNGUN be careful? since you wanted to know about me,….I am Naija to tha core, proud with my likkle green white green lapel and flag hanging by my pin-striped-suit, and all Karo-o-jire-bi are tolerant, in fact there is a proverb that read as follows ”you eat rat with a belly-botton in the secret and enclave of your own house”. I slept with a bunch of women, in all shades of colours and a whole bunch of ages from 16 to 52 years old, with the colour changing slowly from Charcoal-black fine azz in OAU-ife to white skined, blue-eyed ageing blondes in London, Northampton, and Manchester and still counting….but be sure of these, I will never have anything against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender sexual deviants and gender benders for effect. If they are my family, hey u welcome in my home, I repeat LGBT is not a contagion. God Bless African. Oh Africa

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