Somali Government Urges the Release of British Couple Held by Pirates

Pirates in Somalia

The Somali transitional federal government which controls only parts of the capital city on Friday called on pirates holding a British couple to release them unconditionally. Labour minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir said in a press conference in Mogadishu on Friday that the Somali government is overwhelmingly concerned over the current conditions of the British couple captured by Somali prates more than three months ago. “Somali government is urging the pirates to immediately free the old couple who have been held against their will for a long time” the minister said adding that the information they have indicates that the couple are not in a good health. He also called on the British government and Somalis living in the UK and those inside the country to help in any way possible so that the hostages would regain their liberty.

The couple Paul chandler aged 60 and his 56 year old wife Rachel were taken by Somali pirates late in October last year while they were sailing in the Indian Ocean from the small Island of Seychelles and have been in the hands of notorious buccaneers since then. Reports close to the pirates say that they are differently being held. Piracy is rampant in the unprotected waters of Somalia where at least 47 ships were hijacked last year, some of them still being held by pirates for ransom payment. Pirate-related acts, drug dealing, human trafficking and other forms of crimes are common in the war-ravaged horn of African country where terrorists including foreign fighters are fighting the Somali government and AU peacekeepers in order to impose a Taliban-like style of Islamic rule on the country.

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