Egyptian Government Accused of Crimes against Humanity as Two African Migrants are Shot Dead By Police

Ruthless Egyptian Police

Two African migrants trying to find their way into Israel have been shot dead by Egyptian border police.  This makes it four, the  number of African migrants killed this week by the ruthless Egyptian police force. It is a clear case of Egypt not accepting that it is an African country and sees itself more as being in the Middle East and an Arab country and not demonstrating that Africans are equal to them. Egypt must be condemned for such acts of human brutality and the African Union should take serious action against the Egyptian government who time and again perpetrate crimes of such nature against Africans

On Thursday, a 26-year-old Eritrean was shot dead, while in a separate incident late on Wednesday another  27-year-old African was also killed.  A 20-year-old from Eritrea was also critically injured by police during Wednesday’s attempt to reach Israel. At least 19 migrants, mostly unarmed Africans seeking work or asylum in Israel have been killed by Egyptian border guards last year, while five have died this year. Another five

In as much as Egypt has come under pressure from Israel to stem the flow of immigrants into their country, the Egyptian government are in clear breech of human rights laws and are guilty of crimes against humanity. Egypt clear do not regard black Africans as their brothers and sisters. The ICC should investigate such despicable acts and punish the Egyptian government fro its lack of sensitivity. African citizens are treated with disdain in most Arab counties and are looked upon as inferiors and not even allowed to take important jobs in the regions business and private sectors.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think that Egyptians are healthy for the rest of Africans. There must be something to be done by African countries against Egyptian government. ( QUICK AND EASY ACTION )

  2. Gusayba

    Was in Saudi Arabia with them Masris but the problem was that when with the Arabs they become arabs and Africans when with their African brothers same with some Sudanees as well. Talk of chamelions.

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