Rita Dominic: An African Princess

Actress Rita Dominic

A few actresses in Africa can claim the successes that Rita Dominic has managed to achieve. She graces African movie theaters with her charm and beauty. She captures audiences with her electrifying performances in whatever role she plays. She is indeed the darling of the African movie industry as directors and often queue to secure her role.

Rita Uchenna, Nkem, Dominic, Waturuocha who was born on 12 July, 1975 and has always reached for the stars, attributes her inspiration to the encouragement of her immediate close knit family consisting of her parents, two elder sisters and a brother.Especially her late mum who identified her obvious talent at an early age supported and nurtured her academic, social achievements and was very instrumental to her success as an actress.

From when Rita Dominic was about three years old and attending YMWCA nursery school Aba to Constitution Crescent Primary school all in Abia State Nigeria it was obvious she was destined for fame, at the time, mostly because of her excellent and unique singing and dancing talent.Rita whose hobbies include acting, singing, watching movies, reading and travelling graduated from University of Porth-harcourt with a BA (Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts in 1999 hails from Aborh Mbaise local government area in Imo State and belongs to the Royal Waturuocha family.

Blessed with stunning and very attractive looks, Rita favours the indie rock cheek style and enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she is not on a movie set. She recently visited Sierra Leone with some of her colleagues and was overwhelmed by the turn out of fans at the airport, a lot of them wearing t-shirts with their names on them. The Nigerian committee in Dublin also recently presented her with an honorary award.

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  1. Nyaladzi

    u r such a darlin kip it up. i just lov the way u act, u kip me captivated at al times. u r rilly an African Princess.

  2. Hi Rita u löök sööö charming. As u are appearing in all movie industry, remeber also to appear in heaven where u wil meet someone who is d source of ur beaty nd talent. I luv u. Kul…..babe.

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