About Us

Newstime Africa was founded to bridge the information gap that existed around news coverage on Africa, and provide a balanced medium for Africans to get their news from one authoritative source. With the introduction of the print publication: the Newstime Africa Magazine, Newstime Africa is poised to reach Africans around the world in unprecedented ways, enabling them to keep abreast with news and events happening across the region. Newstime Africa does not syndicate news from other African media sources. Our content is original with minimal reference to a few major international news organisations. We strive to break the news as it happens around the African continent. We have professional correspondents all around Africa who ensure that the news is delivered on time. We are an independent media entity that takes pride in its objective reporting. We thoroughly check our sources before publication, to ensure fair and balanced reporting. Our website is updated daily with fresh content from all regions of Africa. With headquarters in the United Kingdom, Newstime Africa has now become a global news organisation!

Stay with us as we continue to break the news as it happens!

Newstime Africa has four regional Bureau’s around Africa apart from its headquarters in London

The Headquarters and International Bureau is based in London, UK

The East Africa Bureau is based in Nairobi, Kenya

The West Africa Bureau is Based in Freetown,  Sierra Leone

The Southern Africa Bureau is Based in Cape Town, South Africa

The North-Africa Bureau is based in Morocco